Thursday, May 7, 2009

NPC-Guards being revamped, what now?

Good day, this is the Informer.

More news from TestLive. Sorry to concentrate on TL so much, but Aquilonia is pretty much a dead server with necromantic dead-guilds like Nova Krepusko lurking around, refusing to die and wither away. NK, be a champ and take a note of from the Giraffe in Madagascar 2 - Escape Africa. Dig a pit, and go die already, it might take a few days but stay in the pit and it will come, death. 
If you haven't seen the movie please do watch it now, excellent humor coupled with a plot-line thats not too hard to follow with a dead brain.

In any case, Didek the Developer, Harbinger of Cheesy-Poofs and Commandant on Satanic Slavebots, has commented that NPC-Guardians are being changed and patched in the near future on testlive-server.
Informer had a close chat with Dide about the matter, and seems they (FunCom) have been looking in spectator view how the Guards are functioning now and what should be done. 

The following things are being worked on: 
Guards will be changed to look like Robzor, to make it more easy for Robzor to blend in while guard hugging. 
Guard AI will be made to more "zerg-like" resembling and average Anatolian Hun player; they will be never alone but in groups of 10 (8 in hide), when attacked they will fight untill 50% of health, when they will start running to nearest Guard for help. If killed, they will come back with another 900 or so Guards after spamming /global how you are a noob and easy kill and sending you five to ten offensive /tell's. 
Didek also said, that FC is considering making a special Guard for Otso, who would follow him around Kheshatta and whenever he'd come out of hide this guard would start dancing and make fart emotes.


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